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Breton Clothing

Embrace Breton Clothing

Capture the essence of maritime elegance with our collection of Breton clothing. Discover the iconic stripes and classic designs that define Breton style. From stylish tops to versatile dresses, immerse yourself in the timeless charm of nautical fashion. Embrace the spirit of the sea and elevate your wardrobe with our curated selection of Breton clothing.

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What is Breton style?
Breton style is striped tops usually in navy blue and white.
Why are Breton shirts striped?
They were originally used in the French navy as a uniform and made it easy to see if a sailor fell overboard.
Where are Breton shirts made?
Breton shirts were originally made in France in factories in Brittany. They are now made all over the world.
What do you wear with a Breton top?
You can wear jeans, white pants, shorts or a skirt.
How do you style a Breton sweater?
A breton sweater doesn’t need much styling. The stripes are already a statement
How many stripes does a Breton top have?
A breton top usually has around 21 horizontal stripes.