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Linen Clothing

Embrace the Breathable Comfort

Experience the effortless charm of linen clothing with our curated collection. Discover the perfect balance of style and comfort as you explore our range of linen apparel. From airy dresses to relaxed separates, embrace the natural beauty and breathable luxury of linen. Elevate your wardrobe with our timeless and versatile linen pieces.

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How can I tell if fabric is 100% linen?
You can tell if fabric is 100% linen by its texture and care label.
Is it good to wear linen cloth?
Linen is a fabric preferred in warmer climates being a natural fibre and more breathable.
Which is better linen or cotton clothes?
Linen and cotton are both natural fibres. It is personal preference between the two bearing in mind linen is generally more expensive
How long do linen clothes last?
Linen should last a few years if looked after properly. Hand washing will help its longevity.
Price range of Linen clothing
Is linen a luxury?
Linen is considered a more luxurious fabric and is more expensive than cotton.
Can linen get wet?
When linen gets wet it drys very quickly.
Why is linen so popular?
Linen is popular as its made from natural fibres the flax plant. The fabric is breathable, cool, soft and luxurious.
How do you wash linen cloth?
Gentle machine wash or hand wash.
Does linen need to be ironed?
Linen often requires ironing.
How do you wash linen?
Handwash is best.
Does linen shrink when washed?
Linen should not shrink.
Is linen good for skin?
Linen is generally a good fabric for people with sensitive skin.
What are the 3 types of linen?
Plain woven linen, loosely woven linen and damask linen.