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Sailor Clothing

Explore Timeless Sailor Clothing for Classic Style

Experience the allure of sailor clothing, where timeless elegance and classic style meet the essence of the sea. Explore our collection of high-quality garments that exude nautical charm, combining comfort, functionality, and a touch of maritime inspiration.


What is a sailor top called?
A Breton top or in French they call it une marinière.
Why do sailor shirts have a flap?
They had a flap at the back as a style trend back in the 50’s
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Where did sailor dresses originate?
They can be traced back to Queen Victoria’s era when she had a clips sailor’s uniform made for her son.
What era are sailor dresses?
1846 was the first know sailor attire
How do you dress like a sailor?
Navy and white are the two prominent colours in a sailors uniform. Think stripe tops and white pants or shorts.