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Stripe clothing

Our French-Inspired Women's Collection

Discover timeless elegance with our French-inspired women's collection. From chic dresses to sophisticated blouses, our curated selection embodies the essence of Parisian style. Elevate your wardrobe with our refined designs and indulge in the allure of French fashion.

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How do you style a strip(e) dress?
A stripe dress looks great with white sandshoes and a denim jacket tied around the waist.
Are stripes fashionable?
Stripes have been in fashion since the early 1900s when Coco Chanel featured them in her runway show.
What do stripes say about you?
Stripes are a sign of style, class and good taste.
Why are stripes so popular?
Stripes became popular after Chanel added them to her collection in the 1920s. Everyone from Audrey Hepburn to James Dean started to wear them. They are a marker of classic French style.
Why do sailors wear striped clothes?
They wore stripes so they could be seen if they feel over board. Price range of Stripe dress clothes. From $80-$210
What goes well with striped shirts?
Denim jeans, white capri pants, skirts and shorts.
What pants do you wear with a striped shirt?
Denim jeans or white capri pants.
What goes with a striped top?
Almost anything: shorts, white pant, blue denim jeans.
How do you wear a striped top?
A striped top is a standout piece and doesn’t need much accessorising.
How do you wear vertical stripes?
A stripe top generally has horizontal stripes.
Are striped tops flattering?
Striped tops are said to be slimming.
Who looks good in stripes?
Everybody looks good in a stripe! Whether your young or old they are an essential wardrobe piece.