French Girls- Le Sac- handbags

French-girl style often consists of simple wardrobe basics and lived-in hair that are at the center of that Parisian effortlessness. Big hair and too much makeup is a no no and not part of their effortless style. But how does it translate to handbags—one of the essential wardrobe accessories?

From observation we found that French girls aren’t fans of oversize bags. When it comes to size, smaller bags win out over larger styles. Those oversize hand bags send the wrong message—French girls like to appear low-maintenance. On top of that, we also learned a few key rules. Stick to classic colours like navy or natural hues such as linseed, taupe or neutral colours. Hues that are too bright or neon get skipped. Keep it simple. Anything that looks overworked with too many embellishments doesn’t make the cut. An exception to this is the obsession by French women with sequins on totes. As French women, in general, don’t wear a lot of bling the sequins gives a real je ne sais quoi to an outfit.

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