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What French Women Will Never Do

What French Women Will Never Do

Some of the mysterious qualities that come to mind when we think of French style; timeless, effortless and chic. However it is the things that French women don’t do that creates their reputation for being the best dressed creatures on the planet. 

The rest of the world is often trying to emulate them. Knowing the set of guidelines they follow is the first step in achieving that effortless quality that they're known for. 

Here is what I observed during my four years in Paris in my 30’s.

French women will generally never wear too-high heels. They are often seen roaming the streets of Paris in pretty ballet flats, sneakers or some unknown designer shoe. The Christian Louboutin are more of an international sensation worn by the Hollywood glamour set and the like.

French women don’t wear the name of brands deliberately on their clothes or accessories. This is considered un peu gauche! They prefer choosing an aesthetic that suits their own look and unknown designers so as to have an original look.

French women on the whole don’t feel the need to augment their breasts or wear push-up bras. Bigger is not always better! The French consider smaller breasts sexy too!

Finally, French women do not over do it on the makeup front. They enhance their features with natural hues although I did notice their love of eye liner on the top of their eyelids and lashings of mascara.