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We're all going on a Summer holiday...

We're all going on a Summer holiday...

We're all going on a Summer holiday:

Easy packing pieces.

As it feels that we all stumble toward the finish line of 2023, vacationing close to home becomes more and more appealing. That’s what famille Jac Cadeaux has planned: we’ve booked a lovely beach house just a few hours' drive up the coast, lured by the twin appeals of zero jet-lag for parents, and proximity to New Year’s Eve parties for our Sydney-centric teenagers.

Packing for a semi-stay-cay is based on a handful of key items that keep things simple and stylish. An Antibes shirt dress can go from over-the-cossie at the beach to an alfresco dinner, accessorised with a belt and heels. A navy and white top coolly slung over the shoulders is ready to keep you warm out on the water. A white jean is fresh and pairs back well with a stripe and white sneaker. And a basket bag on holiday goes without saying! 
We've had a year of growth and good times,  thanks to you, our valued customers and friends. But we're not putting our feet up yet: we're working on our Winter collection, to be launched at the end of February.
See you next week!