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Longsleeve tops & Sweatshirts

Nail the French girl look with our Breton long-sleeve tops. We offer a range of cotton, linen and fleece sweatshirts. Our tops come in the choice of Boatneck, Crewneck and Vneck.

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  1. French Breton Boat Neck Top- White Base Navy Blue Stripe
  2. Breton Boat Neck Top- Navy Base White Stripe
  3. Breton Boat Neck Top- Red Base Navy Stripe
  4. Breton Boat Neck Top- Grey Base Navy Stripe NEW
  5. The Birkin Basic White Boat Neck Top 7/8 Sleeve
  6. French Breton Boat Neck Top- White Base Red Stripe - PREORDER END APRIL
  7. French Breton Boat Neck Top- Royal Blue Base
  8. Breton Royal Blue Stripe Top White Base
  9. Cotton And Cashmere Breton Sweater Cream Base Navy Stripe