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From my years of living in Paris I cultivated a sense of what was behind the French Women innate sense of style. One day while visiting the local “Franprix” supermarket I glimpsed out of the corner of my mind a thirty something brunette French lady in her Chanel jacket and faded blue jeans with a pair of Le Coq trainers. It worked 100%. She demonstrated the French's  great ability to wear casual with a touch of formal.

The French also have a real penchant for canvas bags especially those with a lick of sequins. Other than the odd Hermes Kelly bag I didn’t often see French women with the latest designer bag. They are renowned for dismissing trends.

Since 2017, French-inspired products have been introduced in Australia by our brand Jac Cadeaux a selection of exclusive French themed products which includes:

  • Lux Luggage with leather trim
  • Tote bags with leather trim
  • Cotton Canvas Totes and Clutches with sequins
  • 100% linen Nautical Striped dresses
  • long sleeve tops and t-shirts
  • Cashmere Tracksuits
  • Linen Shirts for homme et femme (unisex)

All products are designed in Australia and we use only premium quality materials for elegance and durability. We have kept our price point reasonable and part of our philosophy is always top quality at reasonable prices.

We are a family brand . The name Jac is the combination our daughters initials, Juliette and Ava and myself Claudia and Cadeaux is French for “gift”. My daughters help inspire our products and are a great sounding board for the young adult market. Papa Michael is our in-house journalist and overlooks media and writing press releases and articles . He’s also good at lifting heavy courier boxes!
Our whole family speaks French and we travel to France regularly.

You can read more about us at Jaccadeaux  and have some fun looking at our range and blogs to find some helpful tips related to dresses, handbags, and accessories. They will give you some knowledge about French dressing style.
Elevate your dressing sense from ordinary to extraordinary with products from Jac Cadeaux.