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From my years of living in Paris I cultivated a sense of what was behind the French Women innate sense of style. One day while visiting the local “Franprix” supermarket I glimpsed out of the corner of my mind a thirty something brunette French lady in her Chanel jacket and faded blue jeans with a pair of Le Coq trainers. It worked 100%. She demonstrated the French's  great ability to wear casual with a touch of formal. The French also have a real penchant for canvas bags especially those with a lick of sequins. Other than the odd Hermes Kelly bag I...
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I lived in Paris from 2000-2004. During my years there I learnt very quickly that the way we dress in Sydney is very different to the way one dresses in Paris. My personal style was about to take a huge learning curve. In Sydney it is not a faux pas to wear your active wear long past your spin or pilates class. In Paris it would not be acceptable to stroll down to the local boulangerie in your tights and sloppy joe. For my morning walks I would often slip on a pair of comfy trousers or jeans and team...
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French fashion has always been an aspiration amongst fashion conscience women the world over. Parisians have a way of putting their day to day outfits together that don’t come across too stylised. Their daily casual look is unique and demonstrates a sense of personal style. Do you follow Fashionistas like Jeanne Damas? If yes, then you must have seen her posts where she manages to look unique and stylish. In one post, she is posing for the camera in her Breton top, with black high-waisted jeans and nude colored leather boots with a grayish black blazer. She makes fashion look...
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